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xpbrew by Brodysoft LLC offers products and services that enable startups to develop heavy-duty mobile applications using the familiar HTML, CSS, and JavaScript technologies.

xpbrew specializes is mobile application databases using the widely-known SQLite library with support for Cordova (PhoneGap) and React Native frameworks.

The consultant @brodybits (Christopher J. Brody aka Chris Brody) is a trusted Apache Cordova committer with 7 years of experience with cross-platform mobile app development and over 15 years of experience with high-performance mobile messaging software development.

Software development


Apache Cordova which was born and still sometimes known as PhoneGap is a widely-used framework that enables people to develop cross-platform mobile apps in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The consultant @brodybits is the primary owner and maintainer of the cordova-sqlite-storage component that provides the mobile app database functionality using the famous SQLite library. @brodybits has also been involved with higher-level integration and with maintenance of Apache Cordova itself.

mobile app databases

SQLite database storage provided for Android, iOS, and Windows platforms

Free license Commercial license per app Commercial license for unlimited apps Commercial warranty and support
cordova-sqlite-storage Basic plugin version that the other sqlite plugin versions are based on. MIT N/A N/A N/A
cordova-sqlite-ext Added support for REGEXP, non-standard BASE64 function, and pre-populated databases MIT N/A N/A N/A
cordova-sqlite-evcore-extbuild-free Performance and stability enhancements for Android; support for PhoneGap Build GPL v3 (US) $1800
(US) $500
(US) $180
February special
N/A 30 days
cordova-sqlite-evplus-common-free More optimizations for Android and iOS GPL v3 N/A (US) $4000
(US) $1200
(US) $780
February special
6 months

other libraries and frameworks

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Priority consulting

Priority consulting is generally available 10am-8pm NYC time Sunday-Thursday and 10am-2pm NYC time on Fridays. Cost is (US) $350 for 90 minutes. Payment via PayPal to payments@brodysoft.com (Brodysoft LLC) is preferred. Confirm a priority consulting session on Calendly today.

Please reach out to sales@xpbrew.consulting in case of any questions.

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